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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Spring Split Week 6 Day 3 Picks for March 14, 2021

Spica DFS LoL player

CLG living up to their name in being “counter logic” by beating Team Liquid and Cloud9 before looking terrible against Golden Guardians. Cloud9’s win over Dignitas put them in control of their own destiny for the first place seed. A Cloud9 win would place them in sole possession of first place, a loss could start a slew of tie-breaker matches as three teams, TSM, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid are all one win behind. 

Here’s a partial lineup for March 14 on DraftKings and FanDuel of great value picks

Top Lane  
JungleSpica$6,800 DK, $8,400 FD
Mid Lane  
AD CarryNeo$8,000 DK, $9,500 FD
TEAMEvil Geniuses$5,200 DK, $7,600 FD

Spica ($6,800 DK, $8,400 FD) has a fantastic matchup on Sunday against Golden Guardians and is a great value pick. He’s the fourth and fifth cheapest jungler on DraftKings and FanDuel respectively and is up against Iconic, the tenth ranked jungler on both sites. While Spica is very conservative in the early game, so is Iconic. Spica’s superior teamfighting and objective control should lead TSM over Golden Guardians to fight for either first or second place.

Don’t let Neo’s ($8,000 DK, $9,500 FD) last two games against two of the best teams in league take away from his performances this season. Neo has had some of the biggest games of the season in terms of points scored making him one of the top AD carries in the league. FlyQuest’s bot lane has been the weakest aspect of their team whereas Dignitas’ bot lane has been one of the best in the league, specifically in the early game.

People will look at the score line in the Evil Geniuses ($5,200 DK, $7,600 FD) versus Team Liquid game and say EG got smashed. Evil Geniuses’ early game shenanigans with their mid/top lane swap didn’t work as expected. However, they played as well as they could in the late game after falling behind so hard in the early game. Their opponent’s CLG were riding on a high after wins over two of the top teams in the league but dropped to Golden Guardians and looked like the CLG at the start of the season. 

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Full lineups for DraftKings and FanDuel
The team with two top tier MVP picks
• The support who carries the load for his team
A mid laner whose value is too much to pass up on

Ry0ma will continue to start in the mid lane for 100 Thieves and has now been properly added to the FanDuel player database to be picked for this weekend’s matches. Additionally, Diamond has been subbed out for FlyQuest and will be replaced by former LEC, current academy support Dreams. However, Dreams isn’t listed in the FanDuel player database and is unable to be selected for this weekend’s matches.

FanDuel Lineup for March 14

MVPZven$10,300 FD
Top LaneFakeGod$7,800 FD
JungleSpica$8,400 FD
Mid LaneJiizuke$9,100 FD
AD CarryNeo$9,500 FD
SupportCoreJJ$7,000 FD
TEAMEvil Geniuses$7,600 FD
Remaining Salary $300 FD

Zven’s ($12,300 [MVP] DK, $10,300 FD) early game performance has been struggling as of late, dying two versus two in Cloud9’s last two game but remains a dominant carry in the mid and late game. He’s the third and first highest scorer on DraftKings and FanDuel respectively due to Cloud9’s bloody games in wins and losses. Cloud9 is the most active and aggressive team in the early game which makes Cloud9 players the top MVP choices.

FakeGod ($6,200 DK, $7,800 FD) is in the conversation for most improved player of the year along with two other of his Dignitas teammates. His Gnar and Renekton play has been some of the best in the league and Dignitas should look to get FakeGod back on these picks in a crucial match for Dignitas’ playoff seeding. Dignitas could finish as high as third but as low as sixth depending on the result.

Pobelter has now cost CLG two games since being subbed back into the starting lineup. In CLG’s games against Dignitas and Golden Guardians he averaged 6.5 deaths dying multiple times in lane and in side lanes. Jiizuke ($7,800 DK, $9,100 FD) continued his trend of unconventional mid lane picks with Neeko and ended up swapping top lane for favorable lane matchups. Jiizuke managed to shutdown Alphari in the early game, gaining a CS lead on probably the best laner in the league. 

CoreJJ ($5,600 DK, $7,000 FD) and Team Liquid practically beat Evil Geniuses 4v5. CoreJJ had a near flawless game against EG with Tactical non-existent almost the entire game. Before the end of the game Tactical had one kill participation in a sixteen kill game, CoreJJ carried the load for Team Liquid finding beautiful engages on EG members while usually down in numbers.

DraftKings Lineup for March 14

MVPPerkz$11,400 [MVP] DK
Top LaneFakeGod$6,200 DK
JungleSpica$6,800 DK
Mid LanePowerOfEvil$6,800 DK
AD CarryNeo$8,000 DK
SupportCoreJJ$5,600 DK
TEAMEvil Geniuses$5,200 DK
Remaining Salary $0 DK

Despite a three game loss streak from Cloud9 which they broke after beating Dignitas on Saturday, Perkz ($11,400 [MVP] DK, $9,500 FD) remains as one of the top scorers in the league. He’s the fifth and third highest scorer on DraftKings and FanDuel respectively. Perkz is cheaper option than all of the top AD carries while averaging more points than most of them. Perkz has a good matchup against Insanity, who likes to stay in his lane and scale while Perkz shoves and roams looking for plays around the map.

PowerOfEvil’s ($6,800 DK, $9,200 FD) value to too big to pass up on for the DraftKings lineup. He’s only the fourth most expensive top laner while being up against Golden Guardians for his last match of the season. PowerOfEvil took over the game against Immortals finding picks on priority targets in fights with Azir. While Ablazeolive had a great game against CLG, PowerOfEvil is much more proficient on control mages and should give Ablazeolive problems in lane phase and in teamfights.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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