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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Spring Split Week 6 Day 2 Picks for March 13, 2021

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We saw two big upsets with CLG taking down the first place Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses demolish TSM in a battle for playoff seeding. With only two more days of matches left, each game will be important for playoff seeding as first place is now up for grabs with Cloud9 losing.

Wild Turtle DFS LoL

Here’s a partial lineup for March 13 on FanDuel with player’s who are expected to score big

Top LaneSsumday$7,800 FD
Mid Lane  
AD CarryWildTurtle$9,500 FD
SupportSwordArt$7,000 FD

While Ssumday (, $7,800 FD) has been struggling the past two and a half weeks, his value is too big to pass up. Ssumday is rated as the sixth cheapest top laner on both DraftKings and FanDuel due to 100 Thieves recent performances. Ssumday’s last two games have been great, playing a tank/engage role as opposed to a weak side bruiser role. This could be due to the shift in mid lane for 100 Thieves, but it’s a good look for Ssumday who looks to take down Licorice on Saturday.

WildTurtle ($8,000 DK, $9,500 FD) came up huge in CLG’s upset win over Cloud9. He got off to a flying start by double killing Cloud9’s bot lane just six minutes into the game. WildTurtle was up two items before Zven had even completed his first. Turtle completely smashed Cloud9 in the early game allowing CLG to gain a sizeable gold lead. Unfortunately, as WildTurtle became so strong, he was the primary target for Cloud9’s dive composition and died in last three teamfights. With Cloud9 dumping all their engage on Turtle in these fights it allowed the rest of the CLG members to clean up the remaining Cloud9 players. CLG’s opponents, Golden Guardians, aren’t as clean and coordinated and shouldn’t be able to rival Turtle should he get so fed again.

When TSM has the better bot lane matchup, SwordArt ($5,000 DK, $7,000 FD) performs very well. SwordArt has done a great job of punishing his opponent’s mistakes when they pop up but has struggled to find plays when the opposing bot lane doesn’t make any. Luckily TSM is facing Immortals on Saturday and SwordArt will be facing Raes and Destiny who are both very inactive and mistake prone in the early game. This should allow SwordArt to set the tempo of the game, letting him do whatever he wants.

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Ry0ma will continue to start in the mid lane for 100 Thieves and has now been properly added to the FanDuel player database to be picked for this weekend’s matches. Additionally, Diamond has been subbed out for FlyQuest and will be replaced by former LEC, current academy support Dreams. However, Dreams isn’t listed in the FanDuel player database and is unable to be selected for this weekend’s matches.

FanDuel Lineup for March 13

MVPLost$10,100 FD
Top LaneSsumday$7,800 FD
JungleSantorin$8,700 FD
Mid LaneJensen$9,100 FD
AD CarryWildTurtle$9,500 FD
SupportSwordArt$7,000 FD
TEAM100 Thieves$7,700 FD
Remaining Salary $100 FD

Lost’s ($10,800 [MVP] DK, $10,100 FD) Tristana isn’t the same as his Kai’sa. Lost dropped his first game of Tristana this season against Evil Geniuses but still looked good despite the loss. Lost’s opponent Raes both have similar playstyles in that they both prefer to play for late game which is exactly what Lost wants. Lost has been one of the best AD carries in the league when he’s able to reach the late game with minimal resistance. Should Immortals choose to handshake late game scaling with TSM, it will give Lost the opportunity to carry once again.

Santorin ($6,800 DK, $8,700 FD) is the perfect piece to the Team Liquid puzzle. In Team Liquid’s season eight and nine roster iterations, Xmithie wasn’t aggressive enough. In season ten, Broxah just didn’t seem to work. Moving into season eleven, signing Santorin was supposed to fix Team Liquid’s jungle problems, it seems like they finally have. Santorin has been the perfect jungler for Alphari and Jensen, allowing them to play as aggressive as possible knowing that they have Santorin nearby for help. His early dragon control allows Tactical to scale into the late game and CoreJJ to roam the map. Santorin is leading the push for Team Liquid to finish as the number one seed moving into playoffs.

Jensen ($7,600 DK, $9,100 FD) versus Jiizuke is like the yin and yang of the mid lane. Jensen is the calculated, by the book mid laner whereas Jiizuke is the wildcard who can win and lose the game at any moment. While both players have looked good this season, Jensen’s consistency gives him the edge over Jiizuke. Jensen likes to play all the meta control mages and Jiizuke searches for the counters to the meta champions. With Team Liquid’s great coaching staff and drafts, I expect them to prioritize getting Jensen a favorable matchup against Jiizuke and heavily play around mid lane.

There are no clear favorites for Saturday’s matches after the most recent set of games, but 100 Thieves ($5,200 DK, $7,700 FD) are probably the best bet. They picked up their second win with their new lineup and are looking much better than previous weeks. After the massive delay in their match against Immortals it was good to see 100 Thieves stomp the early game. If not for their overstay in the Immortals base this could have been one of their best games of the season.

DraftKings Lineup for March 7

MVPLost$10,800 [MVP] DK
Top LaneSsumday$6,400 DK
JungleSantorin$6,800 DK
Mid LaneJensen$7,600 DK
AD CarryTactical$7,400 DK
SupportCoreJJ$5,600 DK
TEAM100 Thieves$5,200 DK
Remaining Salary $200 DK

Tactical ($7,400 DK, $9,800 FD) and CoreJJ ($5,600 DK, $7,700 FD) are the only differences in the lineups for Saturday. He is a slightly cheaper option than WildTurtle, but still possesses the ability to popoff for major points. Tactical has been much better in terms of his positioning in the mid and late game not getting caught out randomly before major objectives. CoreJJ has played eight unique champions in Team Liquid’s last nine games showing his ocean of a champion pool. CoreJJ’s performance seemed to have dipped slightly in the middle of the season but is back on track showing his proficiencies on multiple champions.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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