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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Spring Split Week 2 Day 2 Picks for February 13, 2021

EG Jilzuke DFS

Another day of LCS saw two upsets as Evil Geniuses topped Cloud9 and Dignitas wiped the floor with Immortals. A marquee matchup between Cloud9 and 100 Thieves could result in a four way tie for first place if the rest of the dominos fall correctly. There are plenty of players with great value, so experiment with your lineups for Saturday’s matches to find the best roster possible.

Here’s a partial lineup with high scoring projected players for February 13 on FanDuel

Top LaneImpact$8,300 FD
Mid LaneJiizuke$9,100 FD
AD CarryJohnsun$9,700 FD

Once agin Impact ($6,800 DK, $8,300 FD) shines on a tank and shuts down the opposing team’s gameplay. In the Cloud9 versus Evil Geniuses game it was clear that Cloud9 wanted to attack Impact with a strong topside 2v2. Impact outplayed Fudge in the laning phasing and teleport usage to quickly jump out to a 20 CS lead inside seven minutes. Ever year people seem to question Impact’s ability to be the best in his role as he is primarily a tank player and every year, he’s proves people wrong. During the offseason I thought that Impact to Evil Geniuses was the sleeper move of the offseason and so far, that seems to reign true. Impact has brought an energy to EG that Huni or Kumo didn’t provide and EG is looking to place in the top two of the LCS after another upset win over Cloud9.

Jiizuke ($7,800 DK, $9,100 FD) was Impact’s right hand man during the Cloud9 game. He once again brought out his Ryze which in this meta seems to be a mix of roaming and late game hyper-carry. While up against the roaming Galio from Perkz, Jiizuke focused on his own lane during the early game and despite being down three kills was actually even in gold. From there on out he shifted his focus to pushing and roaming utilizing the realm warp. Jiizuke has shown that he has plenty of pocket picks to whip out at any time so don’t it’s difficult for teams to draft against him.

Johnsun ($7,400 DK, $9,700 FD) has been FlyQuest’s best player so far. FlyQuest has put Johnsun on more supportive champions in three of the first four games of the season and with FlyQuest’s poor results to show for I think it’s time to get him back on hard carry champions. Johnsun had a great rookie season in 2020 contending for the all-pro team and in the summer playoffs. If FlyQuest wants to start turning their season around, they need to get Johnsun back on carry champions in the bot lane.

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Full lineups for DraftKings and FanDuel
Who to select for MVP
Which player is making his mark in mid lane
Which support has great value
Which jungler is ramping up

FanDuel Lineup for February 13

MVPJensen$9,400 FD
Top LaneImpact$8,300 FD
JungleSantorin$8,800 FD
Mid LaneJiizuke$9,100 FD
AD CarryJohnsun$9,700 FD
SupportAphromoo$6,500 FD
TEAMTeam Liquid$8,000 FD
Remaining Salary $200

Jensen ($11,400 DK [MVP], $9,400 FD) is in a tier of his own among LCS mid laners. He’s a master of Azir, Orianna, and Syndra, the top three control mages in the meta right now. He rarely makes mistakes in terms of his laning and positioning and once the late game hits he can melt you from anywhere. He’s lived in the shadow of Bjergsen for most of his career, but with him now gone Jensen can prove that he is the mid laner to beat in the LCS. Jensen has been dominant through the first four games of the season leading all mid laners in KDA with a score line of 8/6/29. Look for mid lane to be the focal point of Team Liquid versus TSM as both teams like to provide mid lane assistance through jungle and support.

Santorin ($7,200 DK, $8,800 FD) started quiet for Team Liquid at the start of the spring season but over the last two games looks like the Santorin that was brought in to replace Broxah. Santorin has taken command of the early game for Team Liquid leading to early kills and objectives to provide Team Liquid the cushion to get to late game. Look for Santorin to punish TSM’s lackluster early game and snowball the game quickly.

Aphromoo ($5,000 DK, $6,500 FD) is the third cheapest support and has a great matchup for Saturday’s games. Aphromooo has had great performances this season, even in losses. He actually leads all supports KDA at 6.2 and least deaths per game despite two losses on the season. His score line across four games is 4/6/33 and his Thresh was the key to Dignitas’ most recent win against Immortals.  Don’t forget that Aphromoo was one of the top four supports in the league last year and is still performing as such.

Team Liquid ($5,800 DK, $8,000 FD) is the TEAM pick once again because of the team they are facing, TSM. Once again TSM managed to win another game off the opponent’s continuous mistakes and misplays. TSM has the worst early game in the league and often win in the late game due to leads being thrown to them. Team Liquid have some of the best individual players in the league which allows them to stay afloat in the early game and their mid and late game is lethal.

DraftKings Lineup for February 13

MVPJensen$11,400 DK [MVP]
Top LaneLicorice$6,000 DK
JungleSantorin$7,200 DK
Mid LaneJiizuke$7,800 DK
AD CarryJohnsun$7,400 DK
SupportAphromoo$5,000 DK
TEAMDignitas$4,800 DK
Remaining Salary $400

Licorice ($6,000 DK, $7,700 FD) has great value for Saturday’s matches as he is the sixth cheapest top laner and is facing CLG, the worst team in the LCS. Licorice has been hit or miss so far this season. He either struggles in the laning phase against better opponents and feels invisible during games or dominates lesser opponents through mechanical outplays. Fortunate for him he’s up against the worst top laner in the league, Finn. Licorice is a great pick for the stricter salary on DraftKings.

Dignitas ($4,800 DK, $7,600 FD) is another pick with great value to solve any of your salary issues on DraftKings. Dignitas destroyed Immortals in what most people thought was an Immortals favorite game through bot lane. The game was all but over before minute nine as Dignitas’ bot lane had two solo kills and were up 25 CS. Dignitas has had the misfortune of playing Team Liquid and 100 Thieves through the first four games of the season so don’t let their 2-2 record fool you.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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