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DFS LoL LCS Spring Split Week 1 Day 2 Picks for February 6, 2021

OG Destiny DFS LoL

What an insane first day to kick off the start of the regular season for the LCS Spring Split 2021. The first two matches saw big upsets as FlyQuest got revenge against TSM in a rematch of the finals from the summer split of 2020 and Immortals took down the LCS Lock In champs Team Liquid. The final three games saw back and forth, competitive early games which the favorites 100 Thieves, Cloud9, and Dignitas pulled away in the mid and late game. A competitive first day brings much excitement for the rest of the games this week as anything is possible.

Here’s partial Lineup of picks that had great day one performances for February 6 on FanDuel

         MVP                    ________

         Top Lane              ________

         Jungle                  Blaber         $8,100 FD

         Mid Lane             ________

         AD Carry             ________

         Support                Destiny       $6,500 FD

         TEAM                 100T            $7,900 FD

Blaber ($7,200 DK, $8,100 FD) took control of the Cloud9 versus Golden Guardians game less than two minutes in at level two. Blaber punished the flashless Niles all game long ganking top lane whenever possible. After getting Fudge ahead he transitioned into objective control, locking up the dragon soul and baron leading Cloud9 to their first win of the season. Blaber hold all the cards for Cloud9’s early game and relies on him to get the game going. Unless opposing teams use all their bans on Blaber’s champions, he can play whatever he wants, always making an impact on the game.

If you remove the nameplates from the Team Liquid versus Immortals game, you would have thought CoreJJ was playing Blitzcrank and not Destiny ($5,000 DK, $6,500 FD). He executed the Blitzcrank to perfection against the powerful fasting Senna and Tahm Kench bot lane. Destiny punished the immobility of Team Liquid’s bot lane all game, constantly zoning and landing hooks to disrupt Team Liquid’s game plan. This was our first look at Destiny in the LCS and he is off to a great start.

After a crazy first day of LCS 100 Thieves ($5,400 DK, $7,900 FD) seems like the only surefire TEAM pick. They had a very close match against Evil Geniuses in their first match of the regular season, but it felt like they were in control of the game once it went late. 100 Thieves made some mistakes in the early game around early jungle pathing, allowing EG to get off to quick lead. Damonte and Huhi led the charge around the baron pit leading to two barons and the win. 100 Thieves have a much easier matchup facing CLG and although they did lose to them in a very close game in the Lock In, CLG has made a late substitution in the mid lane. 100 Thieves should look to play around mid as rjs was CLG’s worst performing player in their opening match.

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Now that the LCS is back to best of one’s, both DraftKings and FanDuel are back to the full roster classic game style. A seven play roster consisting of one MVP (1.5x points), one player from each role, and one TEAM pick. Additionally, Broxah is currently still in Europe dealing with visa issues and is therefore unable to compete. Griffin will continue to be the starting jungler for CLG. While Immortals made the decision to play their entire academy roster in their quarterfinal match against 100 Thieves, their main roster will be starting for week one. Lastly, CLG has made a last minute benching of Pobelter. He was benched due to “attitude issues” and will be replaced by rjs, CLG academy mid laner, who was their academy top laner last split but does have experience with mid lane. Please not that FanDuel has not yet added rjs to their player database and is therefore unable to be picked.

FanDuel Lineup for February 6

         MVP                    FBI              $10,200 FD

         Top Lane             Alphari       $8,500 FD

         Jungle                  Blaber         $8,100 FD

         Mid Lane             Insanity       $8,600 FD

         AD Carry             Zven            $9,600 FD

         Support               Destiny      $6,500 FD

         TEAM                 100T            $7,900 FD

         Remaining Salary                    $600 FD

FBI ($11,700 DK [MVP], $10,200 FD) had a quiet performance against Evil Geniuses spending most of the early and mid game farming sidelanes, powering up for teamfights. Despite not interacting with other players almost 30 minutes into the game, he dished out 30% percent of his team’s damage by the end of the game. Their opponents, CLG, like to fight early and often call for bot lane ganks causing early teamfights through tower dives or over dragons. FBI should be much more involved and look like the FBI from the Lock In Tournament who averaged the highest kills per game at 5.6.

While Alphari ($7,400 DK, $8,500 FD) had a rough performance against Immortals, his Kennen was counterpicked with Irelia. The same matchup he got destroyed by Fudge in game four of the finals in the Lock In against Cloud9. Hopefully we don’t see Alphari in anymore Kennen versus Irelia matchups. However, he is still the best top laner in the LCS and one of the most feared mechanical laners. He has an easier matchup Saturday against FakeGod who is a passive laner and one who Alphari should flex his muscles against.

Insanity ($6,800 DK, $8,600 FD) was one of my favorite players from the 2020 summer split. While he made many rookie mistakes early on, his diverse champion pool and aggressive playstyle gave much hope for Immortals moving into 2021. He had a great first game of the season on Orianna, following up Destiny’s hooks with fantastic shockwaves. He should have another solid game against one of the worst mid laners in the league, Ablazeolive.

Zven ($7,600 DK, $9,600 FD) continued his great performances from the Lock In and looks like the best AD carry in the LCS. Unfortunately, his Miss Fortune against Golden Guardians didn’t lead to another pentakill, but he had a great game finishing with a KDA of 4/0/3. Zven can play whatever the team requires of him at a high level and should have the pick of the litter against TSM, whose bot lane has held them back so far this season.

DraftKings Lineup for February 6

         MVP                    Santorin      $11,400 DK

         Top Lane            Revenge      $6,000 DK

         Jungle                Blaber         $7,200 DK

         Mid Lane            Perkz          $7,200 DK

         AD Carry             Zven           $7,600 DK

         Support               Destiny      $5,000 DK

         TEAM                 100T           $5,400 DK

         Remaining Salary                    $200

Once again DraftKings tighter salary has us selecting a few different players than FanDuel. Santorin ($11,400 DK [MVP], $9,000 FD) was the only Team Liquid player who stayed afloat in their game against Immortals. He still averages the highest point per game across the league and is a great cheaper MVP selection. Revenge ($6,000 DK, $7,500 FD) was the reason that Immortals was able to upset Team Liquid, solo killing Alphari then killing their bot lane after swapping to top lane. Revenge is the most undervalued player for Saturdays matches and can easily make space money wise for your lineup. Perkz ($7,200 DK, $9,200 FD) seems to be getting better and better with each LCS game he plays. His laning is becoming more consistent and his impact on the game increases by the teamfight. His opponent, PowerOfEvil, will most likely be on a control mage will gift Perkz the choice of a scaling matchup or ignoring mid and roaming with Galio or Twisted Fate.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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