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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Mid-Season Showdown Winners Bracket Finals Picks for April 3, 2021

Jensen DFS LoL

There are four teams remaining in the Mid-Season Showdown. We have Cloud9 and Team Liquid in the winners bracket and TSM and 100 Thieves in the losers bracket. On Saturday one of Cloud9 or Team Liquid will move on directly to the grand finals. The loser will move down to the losers bracket finals to face the winner of TSM versus 100 Thieves. 

Here’s a partial lineup of a player on each team who performs well in wins and losses for April 3 on DraftKings

MVPJensen$15,000 [MVP] DK
FlexZven$10,800 DK

Jensen ($15,000 [MVP] DK) versus Perkz will be the most exciting matchup on Saturday. Jensen’s performance again TSM showed his diverse champion pool and Team Liquid’s ability to play multiple mid lane playstyles. Even in Team Liquid’s sole loss to TSM, Jensen still popped off almost 1v9’ing the game with his Sylas. While Jensen is mostly known for his control mage play on TL, his Twisted Fate and Ahri games were a throwback to his days on Cloud9. In recent seasons Twisted Fate has transitioned from a split pusher to an engager/playmaker, Jensen brought back the split push Twisted Fate in game four against TSM and did a great job of punishing TSM’s over commitment on one side of the map. Mid lane will be a very interesting dynamic in this series as we could see control mage versus control mage all the way to assassin versus assassin.

Zven ($10,800 DK) has been Cloud9’s most consistent player throughout the entire spring split. Zven has seemed to do a 180 with his career in North America. When the “Best in the West” joined TSM in season eight, Zven was expected to continue TSM’s regional success and allow them to compete at a higher level on the international stage. However, in his first split TSM lost their streak of making LCS finals every split since its inception and missed out on worlds in seasons eight and nine. Since his move to Cloud9 in season ten, Zven has become the best AD carry in the LCS despite Cloud9’s struggles at the end of the split and their collapse at the end of summer 2020. Zven’s great laning in the early game often results in Cloud9 going up one or two dragons in the early game due to their bot side control. Cloud9’s focus shifts to Zven in the mid and late game for teamfighting where his damage percentage was fourth highest in the league during the split. Zven will be a consistent late game factor in this series no matter how far behind or ahead Cloud9 is as they can always find their fight.

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Full Lineup for DraftKings
Additional picks for both MVP and Flex depending on which team you favor
Which player is focus of this series for both teams

With the LCS moving to best-of-five series we are back to the showdown format on DraftKings and FanDuel. DraftKings users will select a roster of four players total, two MVP players (1.5x points) and two flex players (1x points). FanDuel users will select a roster of five players total, one MVP player (2x points), one STAR player (1.5x points), and three utility players (1x points). However, for Saturday’s match, there is no single game series for Cloud9 versus Team Liquid on FanDuel so only DraftKings provides games for solely the LCS on Saturday.

DraftKings Lineup for April 3

MVPBlaber$14,100 [MVP] DK
MVPJensen$15,000 [MVP] DK
FlexZven$10,800 DK
FlexAlphari$8,200 DK
Remaining Salary $1,900 DK

Blaber ($14,100 [MVP] DK) functions as the motor for Cloud9. He needs to get going in the early game for Cloud9 to hit top speed and when he doesn’t, needs the other four members to give them a push. Blaber’s KDA looks very different when comparing wins against loses. In wins his average score line is 4.8/1.5/8.6 and in loses it’s 1.2/4.2/5.0. He’s the most important player in this series for both teams. Cloud9 often draft around Blaber looking to get a strong early game jungler early in the draft and want to play around him in the early game. On the other hand, Team Liquid need to ban/deny Blaber’s power picks in Olaf, Udyr, and Lillia and make his life as difficult as possible by utilizing their lane priority to aid Santorin in the early game. Team Liquid owns a 2-0 record against Cloud9 in the spring split as they were able to neutralize Blaber’s impact in the early game and win through Alphari’s dominance and great teamfighting.

While top lane shouldn’t be as one sided as it was from the Lock In finals due to Fudge’s improvements during the spring split, Alphari ($8,200 DK) is still at a much higher level than the rest of the top laners in the LCS. Alphari had a near unanimous vote as the first team all-pro top laner and is in the two-legged race for MVP along with Blaber. Alphari’s dominance has come from his ability to smash laning phase when given a small lead and go even or ahead in losing lane matchups. He has a perfect record on Renekton and Gnar since the start of the spring split at 11-0 (5-0 on Renekton, 6-0 on Gnar) and should he get either of those champions it will be a rough time for Fudge.

While this should be a very competitive series between the clear top two teams in the LCS there is still the chance one team can dominate the other. Unlike FanDuel, DraftKings doesn’t place the restriction on your lineup that you must select at least one player from each team. If you heavily favor Cloud9, Zven and Blaber are your two best MVP choices with Perkz ($10,200 DK) as a great flex choice. Finally, consider Vulcan ($7,400 DK) or your Team Liquid player of choice as the final flex pick. If you more favor Team Liquid, Jensen and Alphari are the two best MVP choices. For your flex picks I would suggest selecting two out of the three of Zven, Santorin ($9,000 DK), and Tactical ($10,400 DK). Zven is the much safer choice over Tactical due to his consistency and Tactical’s variability.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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