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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Mid-Season Showdown Losers Bracket Round 1 Picks for March 28, 2021

FBI League of Legends DFS

Yesterday’s series between TSM and Evil Geniuses had a disappointing end. In what was a great back and forth series for three and a half games, it ended with Evil Geniuses making two crucial mistakes in losing the first Baron to a Spica smite steal and executing poorly in a teamfight at the bot lane alcove. TSM won the series 3-1 and will move up in the lower bracket and face the winner of 100 Thieves versus Dignitas in Sunday’s match.

Here’s a partial lineup of two key players from each team for March 28 on DraftKings

MVPFBI$16,500 [MVP] DK
FlexDardoch$8,800 DK

Through all the 100 Thieves struggles, FBI ($16,500 [MVP] DK, N/A FD) has continued the same, high level of play throughout the entire season. He finished three votes behind C9 Zven for the first team all-pro AD carry and is still considered by some the best in the league. 100 Thieves does a great job in the early game playing around FBI’s strong farming and laning often pressuring bot tower early with dives or first rift herald, resulting in FBI being up almost 1,000 gold at 15 minutes on average. While 100 Thieves are great at playing around bot lane, they’ve struggled finding those same advantages elsewhere on the map. Should 100 Thieves turn around their season around, which is currently in a free fall, they need to put more eggs in the FBI basket with continued bot lane pressure/dives and giving him those juicy solo rift heralds.

Everyone made fun of the idea of Dardoch’s ($8,800 DK, N/A FD) “A-Z jungle challenge” where he was picking a different jungler for the first 11 games of 2021. It turned out to be one of Dignitas’ biggest assets in their underdog season. Dardoch was basically a chameleon for Dignitas, playing whatever champion or role the team needed for each and every game. It gives Dignitas a huge advantage in the draft as opposing teams cannot simply ban him out to make him play something he’s not comfortable on because he look comfortable on anything. Along with Aphromoo, Dardoch often plays the engage role for Dignitas which allows the carries of the team in Soligo, FakeGod, and Neo to shine.

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The full lineup for DraftKings
Additional MVP choices
What role to avoid picking in this series
Which players to choose for whichever way you think this series will go

With the LCS moving to best-of-five series we are back to the showdown format on DraftKings and FanDuel. DraftKings users will select a roster of four players total, two MVP players (1.5x points) and two flex players (1x points). FanDuel users will select a roster of five players total, one MVP player (2x points), one STAR player (1.5x points), and three utility players (1x points). However, for Sunday’s match, there is no single game series for 100 Thieves versus Dignitas on FanDuel so only DraftKings provides games for solely the LCS on Sunday.

The mid lane situation for 100 Thieves is still up in the air. 100 Thieves chose to stick with ry0ma against Cloud9 but many thought that Damonte would be subbed back in should 100 Thieves get behind early. While 100 Thieves never waivered and played ry0ma the entire series, people believe that should they get down early again we will see Damonte this time as one loss in the lower bracket spells the end for one of these team’s season. With that in mind I would stay away from both of ry0ma and Damonte (they are both eligible picks for this series) as it’s likely that 100 Thieves will utilize both players.

DraftKings Lineup for March 28

MVPFBI$16,500 [MVP] DK
MVPNeo$15,900 [MVP] DK
FlexDardoch$8,800 DK
FlexFakeGod$8,000 DK
Remaining Salary $800 DK

Neo ($15,900 [MVP] DK) has become one of the most exciting players to watch in the LCS. He’s having a season like Tactical’s rookie split in summer 2020 as Neo can popoff at a moment’s notice, turning the game on its head in favor of Dignitas. Neo’s biggest asset in this series is his Kalista. In the middle of the spring split we saw the AD carry meta widen with champions like Tristana and Jinx rising in priority. Instead, Neo brough Kalista into the fold in North America by displaying her carry potential with a 17 kill game against EG and a 4-1 record on it. 100 Thieves haven’t shown a willingness to pick or ban Tristana which means Dignitas won’t have to worry about using an early ban or denying it as Neo has yet to play a Tristana game this season. 

FakeGod ($8,000 DK) versus Ssumday is likely to be a similar story to Fudge versus Ssumday. Ssumday was expected to shine with 100 Thieves’ revamped roster, but it has been the complete opposite. Ssumday has become invisible in the 100 Thieves gameplan, often being put on an island in top lane with a weak side exclusive champion in a poor matchup. FakeGod has been exactly what Ssumday was supposed to be this season. A strong laner with a wide champion pool, that can function smoothly as the weak side player, late game carry, or strong engage and teamfighting. FakeGod has a fantastic Gnar which counters Ssumday’s two most played champions this split in Renekton and Aatrox.

If you are on the 100 Thieves side of this series, consider bumping Neo down to a flex pick and swapping Daroch and FakeGod for Closer ($14,100 [MVP] DK) and Huhi ($7,600 DK) with Closer as an MVP pick. With the shift in mid lane meta this season to primarily control mages, 100 Thieves chose to switch up Closer’s playstyle from a carry-oriented to somewhat supportive. 100 Thieves often leaves up carry junglers like Olaf or Hecarim in favor of first picking Udyr for a more consistent early game with strong early objective control. This leaves Closer with little to no playmaking post 15 minutes. Hopefullly 100 Thieves gets Closer or something more comfortable and more playmaking throughout the entirety of the game for this series. For Huhi, both supports love to fill the engage roles for their respective teams. With champions such as Leona, Rell, and Alistar going against one another, the losing support ends up falling massively behind as your role is to die for your team. With engage versus engage in the bot lane the winning support will score much higher than their counterpart.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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