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DFS LoL LCS Mid-Season Showdown Losers Bracket Round 1 Picks for March 27, 2021


The Mid-Season Showdown’s losers bracket kicks off with TSM and Evil Geniuses. TSM shot up to the second seed in playoffs capitalizing on 100 Thieves and Team Liquid’s poor performances in the back half of the split. Evil Geniuses were inconsistent the entire split, but a strong final week makes this matchup with TSM much more interesting. For all the teams in the lower bracket, one best-of-five loss will destroy any hopes of representing North America at the Mid-Season Invitational which will showcase the best team from each region in the world.

Here’s a partial lineup of a key player from each team for March 27 on FanDuel

STARJiizuke$14,500 FD
UtilitySpica$11,500 FD

Jiizuke ($14,700 DK, $14,500 FD) is the second highest scorer in this series behind Lost on DraftKings and Deftly on FanDuel and is the x-factor of TSM versus Evil Geniuses. Jiizuke is the polar opposite of PowerOfEvil. He heavily pressures his opponents and his very active in the early game, then come late game will pressure in the side lanes. Jiizuke had more games off control mages than on in the spring split at ten to eight respectively. Mid lane should be the primary focus for both teams in this series. Evil Geniuses will be looking to disrupt TSM’s late game scaling and TSM will try and survive the onslaught. Evil Geniuses should look to draft around Jiizuke, attempting to get a favorable matchup for him to try and dominate through early game pressure. 

Spica’s ($9,400 DK, $11,500 FD) early game looked much better against Team Liquid compared to the majority of the split. TSM has primarily been a late game scaling team and has struggled in chaotic early games. They won the early games against Team Liquid but couldn’t match up to Team Liquid’s late game teamfighting. Fortunately for TSM, Evil Geniuses has been struggling in the early game, specifically Svenskeren. Svenskeren has struggled with over aggression during the end of the split. He was often too far ahead his own team when invading the enemy jungle. While Spica hasn’t always been the best at creating his own advantages in the early game, he does a great job at creating leads by punishing enemy mistakes. 

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With the LCS moving to best-of-five series we are back to the showdown format on DraftKings and FanDuel. DraftKings users will select a roster of four players total, two MVP players (1.5x points) and two flex players (1x points). FanDuel users will select a roster of five players total, one MVP player (2x points), one STAR player (1.5x points), and three utility players (1x points).

FanDuel Lineup for March 27

MVPPowerOfEvil$13,500 FD
STARJiizuke$14,500 FD
UtilityImpact$12,000 FD
UtilitySpica$11,500 FD
UtilitySwordArt$8,500 FD
Remaining Salary $0 FD

TSM’s decision to put PowerOfEvil ($15,300 DK, $13,500 FD) on non-control mages against Team Liquid just didn’t make any sense. PowerOfEvil has made his career on his utilization of control mages even when they aren’t meta, but control mages are the strongest mid laners in the game at the moment so the shift in playstyle was confusing. Jiizuke will try and bring off-meta picks to this series in order to shutdown PowerOfEvil but should PowerOfEvil get a control mage in at least an even matchup it will be difficult for Jiizuke throw him for a loop. TSM is 3-6 when PowerOfEvil isn’t on a control mage and after the results against Team Liquid, it would be surprising if TSM didn’t switch up their playstyle.

Had Alphari not completely dominated the split Impact ($8,200 DK, $12,000 FD) would have finished the spring season as the best top laner in North America. I thought that Impact to Evil Geniuses was the sleeper move of the offseason and he’s definitely made the biggest impact (yes, pun intended) on a new team this split. Impact has his own unique top lane playstyle where his focus isn’t to dominate lane and accrue more gold than the opponent, it’s to make his opponent as useless as possible by starving them out of resources and disrupting their ability to play a normal game. Impact’s biggest knock on him is that he can’t play carry champions but achieves success through playing the counters to those champions. Huni will have a difficult time up against Impact whether he’s on carries or tanks as Impact will neutralize whatever style TSM decides to play in the top lane.

SwordArt’s ($7,400 DK, $8,500 FD) split ended on a high note finishing as the third team all-pro support. He did a complete 180 from his atrocious start to the season where he looked disconnected from the rest of his team. He’s found success when he’s able to roam around the map early in the game. Whether it’s providing mid lane pressure by blowing enemy summoner spells or going top lane for a tower dive SwordArt is at his best when his champion has tons of mobility. 

DraftKings Lineup for March 27

MVPPowerOfEvil$15,300 DK
MVPJiizuke$14,700 DK
FlexImpact$8,200 DK
FlexLost$10,800 DK
Remaining Salary $1,000 DK

DraftKings one fewer player allows you to pick up more expensive options. Lost ($10,800 DK, $14,500 FD) is the highest scoring player in this series on DraftKings and is the late game insurance policy for TSM. With both AD carries in this series preferring to scale, it gives TSM a natural advantage in the bot lane as Lost is so good at dealing damage in late game teamfights. Evil Geniuses will have to do something in bot lane early on to prevent Lost from reaching the late game with minimal resistance.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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